About Doodle

Every brand has a story

 ‘Work is my passion’ It’s something we all aim to live by! But this one woman took it seriously! Huma Asgar, the successful founding Director of Doodle Collection has had a long journey of living this very statement. It wasn’t an easy road, albeit laden with colours, design and gorgeous diaries! Huma braved not only a conservative and patriarchal society, but also created a new space for herself in an industry which has long been strongly male-dominated. That makes it a feat in itself, but there’s more! But her way to creating a successful brand like Doodle, has been no bed of roses! Staunch opposition came from the inner circle, citing digitization and the dwindling interest in paper diaries as the reason. But Huma stayed determined and led a team by herself, supervising every aspect of the company, day and night. She now leads a talented Doodle’s workforce, 80% of which is fiercely female! 

Doodle Collection, which is a design-centered brand of stylish diaries and planners, started from a deep rooted love for stationery. And this love for stationery stems from Huma’s love for aesthetics and design. Her frequent trips abroad with her husband, who’d be often invested in his company’s branding, made her see a gap in demand and supply of fashionable stationery products. An interior designer by profession, she saw the opportunity in pursuing this as her own setup! 

Doodle has been making desks and lives colorful with their diaries, notebooks, planners and lifestyle products. Competition will always pose challenges, but the leadership is strong and there shall be no looking back! 



To create a niche for ourselves by strengthening brand loyalty, broadening international reach and inspiring people to write, making Doodle the most creative and user-oriented lifestyle accessory brand 


To inspire people to write 


Doodle is a unique fusion of aesthetics and functionality, which emotionally connects with its users. 

Design at the heart of everything we do! 

Our goal is to deliver concept-oriented, trend-based products that caters to varied style, mood and personalities. Our team of designers draw inspiration from all over the globe and visualise this vertical objectively to introduce fresh designs and products that are a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics. When a consumer buys a doodle product, they not only make a material purchase but a story that connect with them. 

The Disney Fantasy

Doodle Collection, announced its association with Disney in 2019, with an exciting new range Avenger themed diaries. Inspired by the favourite Avengers characters from Marvel like Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and Hulk, these diaries and notebooks kept one's favourite Superheroes within arm's reach long after the movie has left theatres.

In this Marvelous collaboration with Disney, Doodle is set to create unique and appealing diaries that are sure to impress even the hardcore fans. Staying true to the theme, the new Doodle Collection is homage to every superhero, supervillain and princess that fans have always rooted for.


We are 

Humourous: We take our work very seriously, but thankfully we don’t take ourselves seriously. 

Real: We have bare-all conversations about where we are and what we need to succeed in—and are comfortable with change.

Curious: We are eternal seekers; with ease we can ask silly questions (but never treat others’ ideas or Qs as silly) 

Balanced: We love positive energy at work. In fact, we need it— we believe happy people are more efficient and creative. 

We encourage leaving work at work and love to hear about our team members doing stuff they are passionate about outside of work.  

Inclusive: We value the benefits of diversity. In age, ethnicity, gender, experience, class, size, and more—and find ways to drive this through every element of our organization.

Doing the right thing: Our teams act with integrity and honesty, and focus on putting ourselves in the shoes of others.

Accountable: We own it! We hold ourselves responsible for outcomes, good and bad. We don’t pass the buck.

Building Lasting Relationships: We believe relationships with clients and customers deliver results because we can’t do our jobs without each other. 

Fun: This isn’t just a job; it’s a calling, and we love it!

It’s easy to make a buck, it’s a lot tougher to make a difference 

Doodle Collection believes in equal right to education. 

With this thought in place, management at Doodle, launched Akanksha, an initiative in the field of education for its employees. Considering factors like pay scales, fees, expenses on education and so on. Benefits are given to maximum two children, under 18 years of age of each employee

In the past few years, the education initiative has been successfully availed by 120 families for a total no. of 179 children. 

We are focused on growing in this aspect as well, while keep growing as a company.