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Fitness Journal Soft Bound Chinese Binding Planner

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"Fitness. It is a lifestyle we adopt. Or let me say, a few of us do. Fitness is a promise we make to ourselves. But it is a promise that is difficult to keep. Because it means that you stay away from those tempting dangerous sweets. It means that you decide a routine and follow it. Discipline is key. And scientific research says if you write something down, the chances are more that you’ll follow it. So write down your calorie intake, write down the exercise pattern, write down the successes and the failures. Write it all down. This path is not easy, but we will help. Doodle’s amazing Fitness journals are here to save the day! Fitness starts when we end our comfort zones, and the journal will help you keep the promises you make yourself. A paper based diary that doubles up as a fitness journal and a day planner, it is hard bound with ruled pages. But what makes it more helpful are the page separators. There are days when they motivate you with quotes, and help you track your exercise schedule, and some separators are games to engage you differently with fitness. Keep walking, keep walking and keep writing, Those little successes on the way, won’t you? For the joy of writing."
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B5 (6.75 x 9 Inches)
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240 Pages
Soft Bound Chinese binding
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