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No Excuse Tween Collection Notebook

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"Work, Work harder, work like a donkey, repeat. No, seriously. Success never visits those who give up easily. But the attraction is strong towards those who are those stubborn ones, who toil and toil and toil and win. They win because they believe that they will win. And you can’t have excuses when you want results. Sorry, but both don’t go hand-in-hand. You can either sit with a bunch of excuses or a bunch of trophies. You decide. Or you could sit at your desk, writing peacefully into Doodle Collection’s new range of set of 2 diaries. Classy and creative, these are PU diaries, paper based and hard bound, with ruled pages. And the cover has deboss and color foil. Walk to your goal, or run, harder if you must, And write down all those successes on the way, For the joy of writing."
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Big Diary (8.25 x 5.25 Inches), Small Diary (5.75 x 4 Inches)
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80 Pages
Soft Bound Center Stitch
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