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Purrfect Wiro Hard Bound Notebook

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Ailurophile. Remember this word. Why? Because that’s exactly what you are if you enjoy petting that messy haired little devil, sitting right on your lap! Yes, you are an ailurophile, a cat lover! And you aren’t alone. Everyone, well almost everyone, loves cats! And we don’t know what it is about cats, really, no one knows! It maybe the little pink paws, but then how can we ignore the cat hair in our noses! Maybe it’s how much we love to pet them, but then they never really get enough of it! And we promise you, you won’t get enough of Doodle’s new collection of diaries for every cat lover! These colourful typography diaries, paper hard bound ones have ruled pages for you to finally confess about who rules the house! What time is it, I guess it’s cat-o-clock, Furry tails and pink paws to write about, For the joy of writing.

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8.5 x 6.5 Inches
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160 Pages
Wiro Hard Bound
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