Husain Asgar

Managing Director - Almats Branding Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Director - Doodle
Director - Hash One Tech Pvt. Ltd.
Director - Visual Inc.

Husain Asgar has over two decades of wide range of experience in Marketing and Sales. Entailing 12 years expertise in Finance and HR. He has also specialised in printing technology, thus making a vast difference by way of innovation and creativity with his 22 years of wide-ranging experience in the line of Printing.

He is a true believer in stationery writing tools and considers it to be one of the most effective product lines that has been the trend for the past 2 years.

Husain has played a pivotal role in mentoring the business with his dynamic leadership right from the outset and has an entrepreneurial bent of mind. He plays a large part in the think-tank that is constantly creating innovative products that are in line with the brand identity and vision.

He envisages Doodle as a brand that is synonymous with stationery, in the upper middle strata of society, where it virtually becomes a fashion accessory to possess and flaunt.

His current focus is on directing the brand to be positioned as number one in its category. With this clear objective, he has organised a synergistically aligned team covering different facets of the business: Finance, Product Development, Production, Inventory Management, Marketing and Sales in terms of online, retail and corporate business. Under his able leadership, his companies have made significant strides in the field of Printing and have made their indelible mark in this highly competitive field.

Huma Asgar


“If you’re passionate about an idea despite the world opposing it, and you stick with your belief right till the very end, success is most certainly just around the corner.”

This philosophy perfectly defines Huma Asgar, the successful founding director of Doodle Collection, a stylish design-oriented stationery and lifestyle brand. She has been a part of the dynamic leadership of Almats Branding Solutions for the past 15 years and has brought in the invaluable expertise of product development along with manufacturing the perfect product, which becomes an integral part of its user’s lifestyle.

Huma started Doodle with the specific vision of making a direct connect with people and customers, who love aesthetic beauty coupled with elegant style as much as practical functionality. This aesthetic sense has always appealed to Huma. This was her brainchild due to the lack of finding such elegant stationery products in India, while this awareness of it becoming so accessible came with her extensive travel abroad.

Under Huma’s able guidance, the brand has reached a stupendous 150% growth within 2 years and has already carved a unique niche in a highly competitive market, which is so heavily driven by price, and yet has managed to simultaneously build a brand that is gaining recognition both in India and internationally.

Huma’s innovative vision is to create a world-class brand and has a great team that spearheads and shares this vision. She is currently leading a bunch of very enthusiastic and talented professionals from various fields and they are all equally passionate and zealous about being part of this brand.

Balwant Singh

Business Head, Marketing and Sales

Balwant Singh has over 10 years of wide-ranging experience in the retail industry. He has extensive expertise in handling strategic alliances, channel sales development, product launches as well as retail sales and marketing.

He has handled PAN India retail marketing and sales in segments such as lifestyle accessories, home décor, sports, movie and character merchandise, stationery and toys. His past major alliances include Walt Disney, Viacom as well as other prestigious media conglomerates.

He has brought to Doodle Collection a distinct zest to create value out of existing assets or  new ones with the prevelant infrastructure. His highly competitive and innovative business development strategies, are not only spearheading Doodle Collection to become a premium stationery brand in the online and retail space but also carving a niche for itself in the overseas market.

Priyanka Abrol Anand

Director and Creative Head

Priyanka has been recognised right from the start of her career for her strong proficiency in design and conceptualisation. She is a scholarship holder from JJ School of Arts and began her exciting journey of 14 eventful and fulfilling years in advertising with Ogilvy (O&M), Mumbai. Post that tenure, she has been engaged in cross-industry advertising and design work while based in Australia, JWT and Lowe Lintas, before moving on to her present and possibly one of her most creatively rewarding brands, Doodle Collection.

She always fancied stylish, well-designed stationery, and played a pivotal role in creating Doodle Collection

She also strongly believes that the best ideas do not necessarily come from 9 to 5 and thus, enjoys limitless brain-storming sessions with her creative team.

With a relentless desire to keep art and design as the driving forces of the brand, she sees Doodle Collection at a numero uno position and premium space in the lifestyle accessories segment.

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