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The Regal Roar Exquisite India Hard Bound Notebook

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The Regal Roar
“The most magnificent creature in the entire world, the tiger is.” - Jack Hanna
Tigers seem so removed from our daily life – their forest homes are hundreds of kilometres away and for many of us, the only tigers we see are in photographs. The world was once home to nine subspecies of tigers. Today, only five remain – Bengal, Amur, Northern Indochinese, Malayan and Sumatran. The remaining four – Caspian, Bali, Javan and South China – are already extinct. Unfortunately, if we don’t curb our selfishness today, the only place our future generation may get to see these beautiful creatures would be in picture books.

A Doodle Collection Initiative
At Doodle Collection, apart from creating trendy diaries, we also believe in giving back to society. With that in mind, we envisioned “Exquisite India” - our effort in protecting India’s rich wildlife and culture.
This specially crafted, limited edition range of premium diaries has been illustrated by skilled artisans and rendered in a rustic golden glaze. A percentage of the sale proceeds will be sent to various NGO that has been doing commendable work in protecting endangered species.
As citizens of one of the world’s finest cultures and rich flora and fauna, we believe it is up to us to do our bit in maintaining it. And we thank you for your support towards this noble initiative that has been ignored for far too long now.

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